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Who lives on SG?

There is no permanent human population on SG. There are 2 Government Officers and spouses, up to 25 British Antarctic Survey personnel at 2 research stations and up to 4 Museum staff in the summer months.

How do I get to SG?

SG is only accessible by sea and visitors come by cruise ship - further information here

I am visiting SG, do I need to apply for a visa?

There are currently no visa requirements. If in doubt, check with your cruise operator.

What will the temperature be when I visit?

January temperatures ranged from 0°C to +19°C at Grytviken. Your operator will advise on the clothing you'll need.

Met data here:

Can I have a SG penpal or chat with someone on the island?

No. There are no SG permanent residents.

You could try The South Georgia Association who are a group of people interested in SG.

I wish to work on SG, what are the current job vacancies?

Any GSGSSI vacancies are posted here. There is no point in contacting us regarding any other employment opportunities.

You could also try the British Antarctic Survey here

I wish to move to SG and live there.

No, this is not possible. There are no SG residents.

Can you send me photographs/sand/rocks/brochures/postcards etc?

Sorry, we do not provide this service. See below for possible purchases.

Where can I purchase SG coins and stamps?

Try contacting Pobjoy here and the Philatelic Bureau: The Post Office, Stanley, Falkland Islands here.

Where can I purchase SG gifts and souvenirs.

Try visiting the South Georgia Heritage Trust online shop here.

Can I obtain a permit to capture an animal?

No, GSGSSI does not grant permits for the capture and export of animals (or eggs).

Where can I find out information about SG graves?

Try visiting the South Georgia's Cemeteries website developed by Pat Lurcock here.

I wish to start a business on SG, or incorporate my company.

This is not possible.

Where can I view a SG map?

Try visiting the South Georgia Geographic Information System here

Where can I find out more about SG?

  • This website.
  • SG Book list here and books about SG here.
  • The South Georgia Geographic Information System here
  • South Georgia website links here.
  • Unofficial SG wiki here.
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