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South Georgia Publications

A South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands publications database website has been developed by the Centre for Remote Environments.


A further comprehensive list can be found on the South Georgia Wiki here.

Putting South Georgia on the Map

Putting South Georgia on the Map' is a large-format (A4) 216-page book containing a full account of all the South Georgia surveys and is available in three versions: Soft Cover, Hard Cover and a Limited Edition. All three have the same content. The Limited Edition, (of 100 copies) is supplied in a slipcase, and each copy is numbered, and signed by the author.

The prices posted surface mail (in Australian dollars) are: Soft cover A$50; Hard cover A$ 60 and Limited Edition A$ 90 (Prices A$10 less for Australia).

For payment details go to http://www.alectrendall.com.au or for further information email the author/publisher here

Taxi To the Snow Line by Guy Sheridan

Guy Sheridan's latest book Taxi to the Snow Line includes the factual and riveting account of the liberation of South Georgia by the man who commanded the land forces in April 1982. More info here

The South Georgia Plan for Progress: Environmental Management Plan

An account of South Georgia's environmental resources (climate, geology, glaciology, marine & terrestrial communities, bird and mammal communities, introduced animals and infrastructure) and management policies (administration, conservation, research, visitors, environmental management, education and culture) written and published by British Antarctic Survey.

The Island of South Georgia by Bob Headland

A invaluable and detailed account of South Georgia, its geography, administration, history, expeditions, whaling and sealing industries, physical sciences, natural history and the conflict in 1982. Published by Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0 521 25274 1 (out of print.).

Antarctic Oasis by Tim and Pauline Carr

An account of their experiences on South Georgia, illustrated with stunning photography. Published by Norton and Company. ISBN 0-393-04605-2.

A Whaling Enterprise by Gerald Elliot

This book records the story of Christian Salvesen's commercial whaling operations from South Georgia. Published by Michael Russell (Publishing ltd) ISBN 0 85955241 1.

Shackleton at South Georgia by Burton and Venables

Account of Shackleton's visits to South Georgia in 1914, 1917 and 1922, with account of 2000 crossing of South Georgia by Anker, Messner and Venables during filming of IMAX Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure.

Available from the SGHT shop.

Important Bird Areas in the UK Overseas Territories

Important Bird Areas in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories: Priority Sites for Conservation (ed Sarah Sanders)

Amazon.co.uk link

A new directory of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the United Kingdom's 14 Overseas Territories highlights their massive global biological importance. The UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) hold 34 bird species globally threatened with extinction and a further 13 species are Near-Threatened. Of these, 22 are confined to the UKOTs and a further 15 have vital breeding grounds in them. Threatened species include the Critically Endangered Montserrat Oriole Icterus oberi, which is confined to the Caribbean island and lost more than half of its range following a devastating volcanic eruption in 1997. Seven albatross and five petrel species with important nesting populations in the Territories are affected by the impacts of longline fishing in the Southern Ocean, particularly in the south Atlantic. Invasive plants and animals have had a devastating impact on native wildlife in the Territories too. Important Bird Areas in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories is published by the RSPB and it identifies 78 IBAs in the Territories, which stretch from Pitcairn to Bermuda, and from Gibraltar to British Antarctic Territory.

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